Biotics and enzymes: a safer, better way

Biotics and enzymes provide a natural, sustainable alternative to harmful chemicals for you and your family.

What are biotics?

Biotics are living (or once-living) components of plants, microbes, etc., that harness the advantages of good bacteria and help offset the need for synthetic chemicals.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that act as natural catalysts to efficiently break down dirt and stains so they wash away more easily.

How biotics and enzymes work together

Enzymes break down soils, stains and odors and then the biotics consume them. As long as soil is present and surfaces are adequately damp, these microscopic “cleaners” multiply, continuing to remove traces of grime and odor from surfaces up to days after they’re applied. Biotics also help stabilize enzymes in the products.
Probiotics secrete enzymes on contact
Enzymes bind with soils
Enzymes break down soils
Residual probiotics continue to use organic soils until exhausted

Why Norwex uses biotics and enzymes

Biotics help enzymes function more efficiently and reduce harmful chemicals. They also help maintain well-balanced bacterial biomes in our homes. In personal care products, they help normalize the skin’s microbiome to achieve well-hydrated, healthy-looking skin.

Enzymes help reduce the overall chemical burden on humans and the planet. They’re biodegradable and milder than harsh surfactants, and safe for humans and the environment with proven low toxicity.

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