Norwex® Cares

Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals through the products we create is at the heart of our Mission. We understand how giving back to our communities and protecting our environment and its finite resources go hand in hand with fulfilling our goals. Since its inception, the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future has donated over $2,000,000 and helped more than 310 charitable organizations around the world. Learn more >

A Million Masks. A Million Thank Yous.

As the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Norwex sent 1,000,000 masks around the globe to the hardest-hit areas to help protect some of the true frontline heroes of the crisis. Learn more >

Norwex Malaysia joined the Global initiative by donated more than 10,000 reusable face masks to St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM), and 500 pieces of Norwex flagship cleaning microfiber - EnviroClothTM, for the use of the ambulance and kidney dialysis centres in Malaysia to support the frontline healthcare professionals.

This donation reflected the company’s commitment to ensure frontline, as well as the safety of Malaysian St. John ambulance team personnel and volunteers, whilst fulfilling the company’s improvement by creating a safe environment quality of life mission.

Grassroots Programs

We support Norwex Consultant-nominated organizations that are creating brighter futures for the people in the communities they serve. This allows our outreach to be both local and personal for our dedicated family of Consultants. Learn more >


Our support allows our charitable partners, including Washed Ashore and the Seabin Project, and recipients of our sponsorships, like cyclist Michael Strasser, to make an even greater impact. Learn more >

Norwex Malaysia partnered with HAPPY CURE KUALA LUMPUR WELFARE ASSOCIATION by sponsoring RM3,000 per month for a period of (1) year to support and sponsor THE ARK autism center in Malaysia for hiring a therapist to perform therapies to help the autism kids.

More Ways We Help

Another way we make our Mission more meaningful is by partnering with our Consultants to donate to deserving causes like fighting breast cancer, ending hunger insecurity and preserving forests. Learn more >

In Malaysia and Singapore, we want to make our Mission meaningful in supporting any charitable foundation or non-profit Organisation (NGO) in any form of ways we could. Since 2020, Norwex Malaysia has committed to raise fund for Malaysian National Cancer Council (MAKNA) in conjunction of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where certain proceeds of the product sale were donated to MAKNA. We are committed and will continue to seek partnership with MAKNA in 2021 and thereafter. In October 2021, Norwex Singapore partnered with Singapore Cancer Society to raise fund for the cancer patients in conjunction of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In February 2021, Norwex Malaysia partnered with National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Malaysia in donating 10,000 Norwex Reusable Face Masks to their donors as a token of appreciation, in conjunction with World Kidney Month and ensuring their safety and well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic. In April 2021, Norwex Malaysia partnered with Rise Against Hunger Malaysia with a mission in helping to end hunger. We gathered the helping hands of about 200 Consultants to sponsor and pack the 60,000 meals (equivalent to 10,000 packed meals), which contains rice, lentils, dehydrated vegetables, and sachet of vitamins (superfood) in each pack. The 60,000 meals were sponsored to the following beneficiaries:

  • Alliance Chin Refugees children’s schools
  • Sahabat Orang Asli for the Orang Asli communities
  • 4x4 Relief Malaysia

We also sponsored our Reusable Face Masks - 10,000 kids masks and 10,000 adult masks to these beneficiaries, for the protection they need.

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