a healthier way

We believe there’s a strong and direct link between our health and the health of the environment. We educate, inspire and empower people everywhere to transform their homes into Safe Havens. Learn More >

our global mission:

improving quality of life by
radically reducing chemicals in our

our core values

Hover over Core Value to learn more.


We are honest and transparent in everything we do, from sourcing ingredients to the way we treat others.


By confidently relying on each other's words and actions, we empower our Consultants, Leaders and Employees.


In an atmosphere of mutual respect, Norwex supports, inspires and empowers people all over the world.

our promise to you

Effective, safe and sustainable, our products deliver solutions for healthier homes, healthier families and a healthier world. Learn More >

our people, our passion

Norwex Consultants impact the world for good, educating and influencing others to create safer havens in their homes. Join Us >

intentionally grounded

As a company, we are intentional about improving quality of life and the health of our environment. Discover how >

product solutions

reducing use of plastics

reducing our footprint

awareness and education

stronger and stricter laws

small, conscious choices

small choices, big impact is where people around the world learn and share how to reduce chemicals and create a more sustainable environment. Learn more >

giving back, locally and globally

Consultants give back to their communities in part through the nonprofit, Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future. Norwex gives back globally, too, through corporate donations. Where there’s a need, Norwex is there. Learn more >

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